Soul Sister. 1.

Kappy is my sister.  She is younger than me, but you could never tell.  She has a fiery spirit and a tender heart, and I am blessed to welcome her as today’s guest blogger…enjoy:)

How many times have we looked at someone else’s life and thought…”Wow, they have it all together!” or perhaps you’re on the other side of the story and you’re the person who looks at people and thinks, “Good thing I have it all together!”. The truth is, both ends of the story has a fault. The first story is what God likes to call a “coveter”, whether they mean it or not they just want to be in others’ shoes. The story of Mary and Martha comes to mind. When Jesus came to a village one day Martha stopped Jesus and asked him to come into their home. When Jesus came inside Mary stopped her work to listen to the master, but Martha was busy in her own duties. Martha started to complain to Jesus about Mary, telling Him that Mary should be working as well, but Jesus’ reply changed the mindset of Martha. Jesus told Martha, “Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it-it’s the main course, and won’t be taken away from her.” Let’s just take a moment to capture this picture. Martha welcomes Jesus in to their home and then complains to him about her sister, yet Jesus’ reassuring answer probably made her stop what she was doing just to think about what she was doing, and I’m guessing she probably humbled herself.

Then we look at the second story, well this is the person God likes to call a, “Self-motivator”, take the story of Zacchaeus for example. All Zacchaeus did was take from people, and always looked at other people’s lives as less than his. Motivating himself with riches at the cost of the suffering of others’. But when Jesus came not only did Zacchaeus learn to give, but Zacchaeus also learned to offer his own life a living sacrifice to God, and to store his riches up in heaven. From there on out Zacchaeus put others first and himself last. As we look at both of these stories we can gather that either mindset can get you in a selfish state of mind.

I believe that what God wants us to see from these stories is that humbleness is key in life, and that by being humble you don’t want to be in other people’s shoes and you don’t act like you’re above other people either. What I pray that you gather from this post is to humble yourself before the lord, with thanksgiving. Especially when you’re going through trials and temptations, humble yourself and give him thanks. And please remember that judging people will only get you to the point of being judged by our creator…so be VERY careful how you view others, as well as yourself. When you look at others you should see a diamond in the rough, just as you should view yourself the same way. Being humble is just one of the many ways you show God that you are being refined in the fire, and that you are growing.



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