I hit send and went back to work.

Knowing full well that my wallet could only give exactly what I needed and not a penny more, I stepped out in faith believing that moving into my own place was what this next season of my life held.  Although I was ecstatic about this next move, I never would have thought that as I sent in my leasing paperwork I would receive in return a heart of unsteadiness.

How was I gonna do this?  What if I can’t?  What will my parents think of me if I fail?

It’s crazy how fast your thoughts can take you into a state of being that can either build you up or destroy you…and mine…was tearing me down. I became unsteady, and this led me to be complacent in my walk with God.

I obviously wasn’t in a righteous state of mind at that point and I began to chase little fulfillments, and this was a result of my lack of trust in god.


I never expected to feel stale, I thought I was free being on my own but instead I became a slave to myself.

Prov. 12:3 – > ” No one can be established through wickedness, but the righteousness cannot be uprooted.” 


No matter how it may look around us, we stand…

RIGHT                      NEXT                    TO                      JESUS.  

I have already explained the residue that Unsteadiness leaves is,

  1. Dis-satisfaction
  2. Stress
  3. Weariness

Feeling unsteady is the perfect indicator that something is not right in your heart. For me it was control that led my to be unsteady.

But as we trust God we become Righteous ( Right standing with God )

Take a listen to the song below! I highly recommend it!




2 thoughts on “UNSTEADY

  1. Beautiful song that spoke to my heart. Thanks for your honesty Sadie. Ahhhhh…….it all comes back to trust!

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