Hi I’m Sadie Charlene!


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Hello there! I’m Sadie Charlene!

I am a northern born & Southern raised Child of God who absolutely love’s talking with others about Jesus Christ, and sharing God’s Love.  I have an EXTREME Passion for the Next Generation, primarily the girls…GIRL POWER 😉

FACTS ABOUT ME:                            

  • I can be a tad bit to competitive.
  • I drive a Prius
  • I work at a church
  • I enjoy cop shows
  • At an early age I discovered a 6th love language…COFFEE
  • I can worship all day if you let me.
  • Walking and talking is therapeutic for me.
  • I have lived in Kauai, HI
  • I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE rainy days on the beach.

16 thoughts on “Hi I’m Sadie Charlene!

    1. Thank you Tai East:) I am pumped you are following me:) I am so sorry for not responding sooner! I pray that this God given Blog will inspire you with your walk with God:)!! God Bless, Sadie!!!

  1. Nice to meet you Sadie Charlene, I’m wandering around your blog and loving it all so far!
    I’ve never read Proverbs 3 but I may have to tonight before bed, thanks!
    Katie Bonzer

    1. Hello Katie! Super awesome that you are planning to read Proverbs 3:3:) All of Proverbs 3 is great….the whole bible is! Lol:) Pray you have an amazing night! God Bless, Sadie!!!!

      1. I posted the Liebster Award, answered all questions, and nominated other:) Just so you know:) I am not sure how to tag you in it so I figured you should know that I posted it:) lol Thank you again for all your help:)

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