God is preparing you, for what He has prepared for you!  EPHESIANS 2:10-> For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which GOD PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR US TO DO. Advertisements


An Unusual Gift.

  I look at faith and I see a GIFT.  Faith is a substance that we can stand on, it is a promise that we can hold to.  God is NOT a God of disappointment! I love hope, because it leads to faith, and faith to trust, and trust leads to giving God complete control, […]

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Fueling yourself with the word of God brings balance and life to the soul.    

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YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY YOU. You sit down on a Friday night and watch Blue Bloods, because you like the fact that it is cleaner than other shows, which makes it border-line family friendly, and always has a good story with minimal intensity. YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY YOU. You like romantic movies that involve rain, you always […]

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Soul Sister. 1.

Kappy is my sister.  She is younger than me, but you could never tell.  She has a fiery spirit and a tender heart, and I am blessed to welcome her as today’s guest blogger…enjoy:) How many times have we looked at someone else’s life and thought…”Wow, they have it all together!” or perhaps you’re on […]

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Artist: Johnny Swim Singer: Amanda Ramirez & Abner Ramirez Album:Diamonds Song: Diamonds

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